The Woman Behind TOW

“When love is no longer served, it’s time to get up from the table.” Nina Simone

My Story

For 20 years, I poured my soul into my family. I loved being a wife and mother until…life happened. After much prayer, more prayer, and waiting for answers to prayer, I chose to walk away from my 20-year marriage. I like to say I was “released” from the union. Call it what you wish – I walked. Yes, I tried to salvage the withering vows. Unfortunately, I felt alone in my fight and was robotically going through the motions of being a wife – inside and outside the bedroom.

My worth as a woman (and a human being) was being challenged. I had joy, but I wasn’t happy. I finally found the courage to think about myself instead of the 20 years we built together. I had to love myself more than I enjoyed the idea of family life. I had to love myself more than the possible impact divorce would have on our sons. I had to love myself more than what anyone else would say or think. I had to love myself more than what religion taught me. Yes, forgiveness is necessary, but the God I serve told me to forgive and get the hell out. It was then that I met The Other Woman – the other woman in me.

Every woman will have her own encounter with the other woman. Have you ever felt a stirring in your spirit to do something other than the usual? To take a risk? To embrace the change you’ve been avoiding? That’s the other woman nudging you! The other woman is the spirit of life in you which has been placed on hold, suppressed in a world of submission due to standards of society, religion, family, roles, titles, responsibilities, and what “they” said. The other woman makes up her own mind and thinks for herself. She lives with no regrets. She is brave and free to simply..BE. The other woman is resting in you and now is the time to be aware of her presence and acknowledge her. Not is the time to set her fee and begin to live as you’ve never lived before…UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

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  1. How very wonderful! Thank you for listening to your higher self and your inner powerful woman and for having the courage to give yourself the love and life you deserve! Much gratitude for sharing your journey and now putting your love and light out there to help others do the same❣️👏🏽🎇🥂❤️

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