Drive By

How many times have you driven to a destination, arrive safely, park your car, open the car door, and proceed with the next matter at hand – taking care of your business. This is common – pretty much a natural occurrence. Is it natural to not notice the nature around us – even while driving? The trees, the clouds, the beautiful landscape surround us, but do we realize the privilege we have to enjoy it?

Stop to smell the roses? We’re too busy to smell the roses! We’ve got to make that meeting before we’re late. We’re thinking about the appointment before we get there We’re replaying a conversation in our head we had last week. We’re – – – texting. Oh No! Whatever we’re doing, it’s robbing us from observing the the trees, the clouds, or simply the air and the weather (unless it’s raining then we’re complaining). Talk about a deadly drive by!! SLOW DOWN and enjoy the drive – connect with nature! Life goes by fast enough all on it’s own.

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