by laVender shedrick williams –

I can only write what I know and I know the value and worth of a woman. Unfortunately, my discovery of the power and wonderment of a woman being wasn’t until well into my golden years. I probably would not have shared my body with the handful of men who sugar coated their lies to get what they wanted. I probably would have walked a little taller, been more comfortable in my skin, and I definitely would have used my voice more. I believe men know the power of a woman which is why they’ve recognized us as second class citizens for so long. We’re a threat to their ego on every level possible and to put it plainly – they need us – they need our mind, body and soul.

Once we realize our power lies between our lips and not in our hips, we can change the world – one home at a time. Women have the power to control and influence. We have the ability to mold minds! If we have all this power, why do we struggle with loving ourselves and feeling we’re not enough? Many women aren’t taught their worth and value because the women in their village don’t know their own worth and value. We go through most of our life without ever being told how extraordinary women are. It’s okay to be a late bloomer as long as you eventually bloom. Bloom into the woman you were divinely designed to be! Be careful not to sleep through your awakening. Be aware of your process of evolving and embrace it with passion.

I’m a tall, loud-laughing, independent, passionate, strong-willed, vocal woman who is an extreme introvert, yet will speak her mind without permission. Every man in my life has tried to tweak me, silence me, or make me feel guilty for who I am. Trust me, I’ve met a few in the middle until I realize if they loved me they wouldn’t try to change me. I AM! My words may be too strong for some, my actions may be to aggressive for others, but all my life, I’ve been quiet. I woke up! I met me! I freed the other woman! I’m free to be! I AM!

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