Do You Have A Frustrated Man?

If you’re married and say you’ve never wondered if your husband tipped outside the marriage for sex, you’re not being honest. We all know men are attracted to women – especially sexy women. Men are visual beings and it’s their nature to look and turn their head and look back at a woman they find attractive. Just because your boo chose to put a ring on your finger doesn’t mean his attraction to sexy women diminished. He simply made a commitment to you and you have every right to expect him to keep his commitment. Sex shouldn’t be the most important aspect of marriage, but sex is important to a man – married or not. Sex is almost like medicine to a man and if they don’t receive the correct dosage (whatever their specific dosage is) they tend to act a little off – irritable if you will. Are you giving your husband sexy sex or submissive sex? There’s a difference! Read the below snippet from the book that’s making a difference in the lives of singles and married couples titled, The Bite of Pleasure by Eddie L. Fray

The Frustrated Man

There is a difference between a sexy woman and a woman who has sex. A sexy woman is in tune with her sexuality and the expressions of such. She has an appetite for sexual pleasure and enjoys being the object of affection and desire. She is uninhibited by life’s non-sexual challenges. Sexual intimacy is at the forefront of her mind. Her sexuality is the embodiment of who she is; she owns it and wears it like a sweet-smelling fragrance. Due to her own desires, sexual gratification is a priority in her life.

On the other hand, the woman who has sex out of duty, obligation, or solely for personal needs stifles bilateral desire. Also, if sexual desire is unilateral (one-sided) the other side will walk away unfulfilled. Although the sexual encounter between the two may be explosive, it does not erase the craving of the man to be with a sexy woman.

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