The Web We Weave

By Lolita Penn

Women. We possess a power we apparently don’t recognize. Imagine what the world would be like if we bonded together as one. The web we are capable of weaving can be strong enough to change the world, but instead, we attempt to change each other. Acceptance of another woman’s choices in life is difficult for many women. Why do we care how another woman raises her children? Why do we care about another woman’s choice of career? Who she sleeps with or what she does in her spare time or even what she eats? Why is any of this a concern? Maybe because we see reminders of ourselves in her actions and it shakes the essence of our being while reminding us of our own faults and shortcomings. Perhaps if we publicly or privately (in our thoughts) spotlight their wrongs, ours won’t be as noticeable. Are we so dissatisfied with ourselves we have to belittle or gossip about another woman? 

Come on, let’s get it together.  It doesn’t matter how big your house is, how happy you appear to be in your marriage, what your profession is, your education level, your body type, how you fake your face on Facebook,  or how fashionable your wardrobe is, WE ALL HAVE ISSUES.  What matters is who you are as a woman and not what you have or what you do.

I have unapologetically ended associations with a few women because of the superficial world they’ve created for themselves that they, for some reason, wanted me to admire. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Life is too precious for insincere people consuming my time and sucking the energy out of me. Be you because I’m too busy trying to be me. Be genuine. Stop competing with other women! Instead of staying in our own lane, why don’t we stay in our own kitchen, mix our own ingredients and clean up our own mess which somehow accumulates daily. If we did this, we wouldn’t have time to be in someone else’s kitchen.

The journey to loving ourselves cannot bypass the road to loving one another. Although we are individuals, we are one in mind, body, and soul. Be a part of the web


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